Meet Laura

Laura de Moxom is a Socially Engaged Artist, Activist and empathy-led Cultural Manager.

In her personal practice she describes herself as a mixed media alt-photo artist, who creates alternative archives. She explores her past, collective memory and forgotten places to tell stories. She explores memory; its attachment to objects and the materiality of photographs, using a visual language of historic alternative photographic techniques, image transfer, assemblage and paint. Her practice is inextricably linked to her past life as a librarian. 

Laura  advocates for change , as a leader and through her practice. She is passionate about intersectional climate justice and performs with the Red Brigade as part of Extinction Rebellion demonstrations. Inspired by her activism she is currently exploring sustainability in relation to her practice, thinking about kinder materials and processes.

As a cultural manager and project facilitator she cares about creating safe and inclusive spaces, that celebrate both strength and vulnerability. She produces community-led arts projects that have tangible public facing outcomes through a process of co-creation. Her practice involves facilitating discussions, and creative play around political issues through the arts in community settings with children, families and adults from a range of backgrounds.

Instagram: @alibraryoflaura