Isolation archive

Isolation Archive is a response to the global pandemic and the artists personal experience of lockdown, whilst considering its wider political implications. In what way is this experience universal and in what way is it dictated by our class, race or position of power? The archive is a daily documentation of 12 minutes of light using cyanotype emulsion, throughout the U.Ks first lockdown. A 35mm slide sized square is painted on A4 watercolour paper and exposed to the sun, working collaboratively with the weather conditions each day. The work directly encapsulates this historic moment in time, through alchemy with light and pigment. Each piece is accompanied by small pieces of text, ranging from micro-observations of the personal, to considerations of the collective experience, lines from government statements and abstract reactions to particular political events. Through the series the boundaries of the square are pushed upon more and more as time passes, reflective of the artists own feelings of containment. Each piece is paired with the documentation of a slide, from one families collection through the generations. Life is lived vicariously through the collection, whilst reflecting on the chronic nostalgia for time before the pandemic.